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Chasing Gordon...

How will investors achieve the highest return on their investment?

Everything about TREBB was designed with one goal in mind that is the most overlooked in the industry: The exit strategy.

Consider this:

  • Gordon Gundaker started a real estate company in St. Louis in 1968 called Gundaker, Realtors. 
  • Working tirelessly, he built his little startup business into a 30-office chain.
  • 33 years later... in 2001... HE SOLD THE BUSINESS for $62 Million!

Our plan is to duplicate Gordon's success, but to do it faster. Afterall, records are made to be broken. That's why we code-name our plan: Chasing Gordon.
We will utilize the TREBB model to grow a chain of profitable independently-owned real estate offices that are operated on common, efficient systems and that will be sold en masse. 

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