The Developer

An entrepreneur from a young age, Mark Palmero L'Boe started
his first business in 1973 that grew to one of the largest foreign-
car automotive centers in the Midwest. It was here that his creative
marketing skills and ability to organize and systematize business
processes took form.

Mark is now a 22-year veteran real estate sales entrepreneur. As the owner of
Realty-24 since 1987, his career has spanned three economic downturns and each time his business emerged better, stronger and more successful. He has become known as the "real estate marketing guru," working relentlessly to develop marketing tools designed to increase agent productivity.

Serving as a professional recruiter, trainer and co-manager for a Century 21 office, his marketing tools helped guide them to profitability through the recession of the early 1990's.

When he returned to personal sales production, armed with the many marketing tools he personally developed, he sold an average of two homes per week – one every two and a half business days – with a peak of 126 closings in a single year, more than 12 times the industry average of 10 per year. He achieved this feat working completely alone, without pooling the production of a team of assistants and buyers agents. To this day it remains the record for the highest per-person unit sales of any unassisted single agent in St. Louis – for single-family residential resales.

In 2005, he took a sabbatical from active real estate sales to redirect his experience and entrepreneurial creativity and take his career to the next level. Working as the chief architect and with a team of talented advisors for almost five years, culminated in the founding of a real estate brokerage business management company called Compass Realty Systems or “CRS” for short.

Mark L'Boe can be reached at (314) 414-1111 or by email.     Click for full Bio

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Compass Realty Systems ("CRS") is the architect of a unique system of synergistic business operating methods, services, programs, products, and marketing tools; all of which are designed to increase the productivity and profitability of real estate agents and brokerage offices.

  • The CRS family of businesses comprises the first complete “Real Estate Brokerage Business Management System.”
  • CRS provides infrastructure and services that improves the bottomline earnings for owners,
  • improves productivity (thus earnings) for managers and agents,
  • while consistently delivering higher quality services to consumers.